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Oliver and Tate

Jennie O'Dell


Located in the Blackstone District, Oliver and Tate is the epitome of a salon that provides exceptional service in a relaxing, elegant, and warm environment. The salon has been open for a little less than a year, but has already made its mark in the community through their exceptional work. 

Last Friday, my friend, Victoria, and I went to the Oliver and Tate for their happy hour special which happens from 4-6pm every Friday where you can get either a blowout or half makeup. We were greeted with a warm smile at the door by the owners, Sara and Ryan, who introduced us to the two stylists we were going to be working with, Brooke and Jordan.

Victoria and I both got loose curls which were styled to perfection while we got to know our stylists. Not only were Brooke and Jordan so fun to talk to, but they were incredibly knowledgeable about their craft.  

 Victoria's Outfit: Laguna Floral Smocked Crop Top and Skirt

Victoria's Outfit: Laguna Floral Smocked Crop Top and Skirt

 My Outfit: Adorn Me Floral Dress, Farris Clog Heel 

My Outfit: Adorn Me Floral Dress, Farris Clog Heel 

We left the salon with amazing hairstyles, awesome photos in front of the fireplace, and an eagerness to come back.

Visit to see the full list of their services, book an appointment, and to learn where the name, Oliver and Tate, comes from!

Thanks for reading and always remember to beyourself,


JUNKSTOCK: Spring Edition

Jennie O'Dell


Rain or Shine, Junkstock never disappoints. An event that mixes local vendors, food, live music, and much more is something that can be enjoyed by all. 

The main reason I love this event is because people from all over Nebraska, some even from out of state, come to Sycamore Farms with the same purpose; to have fun and find some awesome “junk”. Even with the snow everyone still had a smile on their face. 


Here are just a few of the over 200 vendors:


Nebraska Barn Wood  

“Community based wood supplier and custom furniture maker whose purpose is to restore life to what’s been lost.”

They also had some amazing hand-written calligraphy signs.

Brix Tix Bakery

The cutest dog treats ever! All of the treats are made from scratch from high quality ingredients and zero preservatives.  (I already gave one to my golden retriever and she loved them!) 

Mirth and Melody Designs

When talking to the owner, she said that her inspiration for the bicycle wheels came from her love of Ferris wheels. She started off by adding LED lights and then added the flowers for the spring time. 


Diamond’s Bath Gems

Bath and body product handcrafted from scratch. There were bath bombs, lotions, body scrubs, soap bars, and so much more. And they all smelled GREAT!

Boho Chic Designs

Amazing, vintage Moroccan poufs and blankets. This vendor had some really cool pieces that she brought. They were all so colorful and unique. 

ShyAnne's Outfit

daylight floral top. corona beac denim jacket. crop skinny jean with fringe hem. 

My Outfit


dancing waters floral top. heart breaker denim jacket. out of your league skinny jean. mark suede sock booties. 

Junkstock: Spring Edition will be from April 6th through April 8th. This is an event you definitely don't want to miss! Visit for more details and if you go, make sure to stop by the vendors featured above! 

Thank you all for reading and, like alway, never forget to beyourself!





Lighthouse Pizza

Jennie O'Dell


To be honest, I have no clue why I did not write a blog post about my FAVORITE pizza place in Omaha sooner. I’ve been going to Lighthouse Pizza since high school and my love affair for their pizza  has flourished since. Whether it’s because of the 9-inch slice that is the size of my head or the amazing dipping sauce that comes with pretty much anything; whenever I’m looking for some good, quick, food, Lighthouse is always the answer for least once a week.  

No matter what I get; the BBQ Chicken, Ed & Sal, Buffalo Chicken, or the Thai Chicken pizza to name a few, I’ve always loved it. However, my all-time favorite is the create your own slice where I get traditional crust, no sauce, spicy chicken, spinach, tomato, onion, and an alfredo drizzle! It is so good! Plus, I always order a slice, parmesan garlic fries and at least one extra sauce for dipping!

This time I went with my little sister, Caici. While I got my usual create your own slice, she tried the Thai Chicken (which she LOVED), and we got an order of parmesan fries to share. 

Whether you are ordering in, taking out, or going through the drive through (which is open until 3am on the weekends) Lighthouse is always a good idea.

And guess what! Lighthouse is opening up a new location in the Capital District soon!

Our Outfits:

 Hate To See You Go Top (Black)      Keep it Real Plaid Mini Skirt     Mariko Suede Sock Booties

Hate To See You Go Top (Black)      Keep it Real Plaid Mini Skirt     Mariko Suede Sock Booties

 Journey Destroyed Tee     Off Duty Jeans     Showdown Platform Sneakers 

Journey Destroyed Tee     Off Duty Jeans     Showdown Platform Sneakers 

Thanks for reading! 

Always remember to beyourself,


Valentines Day

Jennie O'Dell


Will You Be Mine?


Meet the Owners of Lotus House of Yoga

Jennie O'Dell



When you walk into Lotus, you are greeted by warmth; a warm smile, a warm embrace, and a warm energy. 

It started as a dream for Mary Clare (MC) Sweet, almost ten years ago, of opening up a place where all of her “friends and future friends would come together, hangout, feel love, and feel that hippie vibration of freedom, flow and love” and it has happened alongside her business partner and best friend Chaeli Buda.

Together, these two girl bosses have built not only a business, but a community for people to express their truest self. 

I was fortunate enough and overly ecstatic to sit down with MC and Chaeli, and get to learn how Lotus came to be.


“Lotus is based on acceptance for exactly who you are. The weirder you are, the better. We want you to fly your freak flag. We want your truest colors to shine. When you are your truest self, you are your strongest self.” - MC 


the name, comes from two places:

The first part.

“The seed of a Lotus plants itself deep within the mud of the river banks and it has to push up out of the mud, and it takes tremendous force and determination. When it bursts up to the surface it looks for the light streaming into the river, once it breaks past the surface of the water it blooms into a Lotus. That whole journey is very emblematic of our journey as women, business owners, yoga teachers, and humans in the world.”  - MC

The second part comes from a dance club in New York called Lotus that MC went to that had an amazing atmosphere and vibes. 

“The first part is a little more relevant, but in a way, Puff Daddy has a little bit to do with it.” – MC 

Fruition – the point at which a plan or project is realized

For Chaeli, her dream of opening up a shop that incorporated all the things she loved like plants, flowers, and yoga came into fruition when MC approached her with the idea of opening up a yoga studio.

“The visions that you have that excite you in your life, hold true to those, remember what they are, know what they are. Where you see yourself, how magical or far away they seem, don’t let that concern you because if you have that vision, it will come into fruition. How the universe works is, the path that you take to get there is going to look way different than you thought it would be. The universe works in such mysterious ways, but as long as you have that vision, it will come into fruition…let go of the path to get there and enjoy the journey.” – MC

 With this in mind, for all you budding entrepreneurs, dreamers, and people constantly hustling (working hard); let your strengths help you accomplish your vision. Realize your strengths, embrace them, and nurture them. 

When it comes to your visions, of the future, career, life, or whatever brings you happiness, make sure to take time to realize exactly what they are.

For MC and Chaeli, they do so through vision boards. At the start of the year, they make vision boards with their best friend Erin, put them aside, and at the end of the year they reflect on all of the things that came into fruition.

When I asked if they kept their vision boards Chaeli responded by saying: “You can’t attach to the past… The more that you can allow yourself or open yourself up, the more you can receive as well.” Which is a very good point. If you are stuck in the past, you can never fully move forward or open yourself up to new ideas, ventures, or experiences.

Letting go to let other plans come into fruition has always been an important aspect of how MC and Chaeli run Lotus. When it comes to relationships MC notes: “When you feel like relationships are moving apart, don’t be afraid to let those go, but make sure to wish them all the best and more success than they can imagine. Keep sending vibrations of success to them.”

Wish them all the best. No matter what kind of relationship it is, personal or professional, whether you are working together directly or indirectly, it is so important to keep rooting for one another. At the end of the day, we are all people striving for success and happiness. We must always remember, that just because something didn’t work out, there is something better out there for you.