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henna is hella cool

Jennie O'Dell

It's time! We're in warmer days and the sun is soaking us with excitement of how we are getting closer and closer to summer. With festival season quickly approaching (Coachella is already next weekend!), we are obsessing over everything and anything that makes us feel like we're going to every show this summer.

\ One of our favorite trends is HENNA /

Although I always thought it looked awesome, I never took the time to try it out. You see henna artists all the time- along beachside town boardwalks, at festivals or carnivals, or at just a table and chair in your downtown market area. To be honest, it's definitely not an amateur game. Henna is an artistry that is not easy to master. But, lucky for you, we have kits that make it easy. Plus, I have some do's and don'ts when doing henna.

  • DO make sure you read the entire list of instructions before even starting
  • DON'T rush... in order for this to look amazing, it needs to be done when you have time set aside for it
  • DO tape the stencils (if you choose to use them) onto wherever you're henna-ing... this makes it easier for the henna to stick to one spot on your skin, rather than smearing
  • DON'T use soap or water on that part of your body for AT LEAST 12 hours (so basically get your shower in beforehand)
  • DO it with a friend- 2 people is better than 1 in this case


Each set has different stencils, along with different ideas to freehand.


With patience, henna becomes the best way to get your quick fix for your tattoo craving, new accessory, or perfect way to get your boho on. It's also a pretty darn good excuse to get your nails done ;)

- Taylor

playing with patterns

Jennie O'Dell

Wearing: Vintage Betty Top $35 Vintage Babe Denim Jacket $54.50 Check Me Out Shorts $41.50

Wearing: Across The World Dress $59.50

We want you to get adventurous this spring when it comes to your patterns. Not only that, but we want you to mix and match your favorites. Our chiffon cream top with the navy polka-dot detail pairs great with our black and cream striped shorts. Who said you can't mix a polka dot top with a striped bottom? 'Cause we just did and it looks UH-mazing. To top this delicate look off, add a destroyed denim jacket to make it a little more casual. Our printed, mid calf dress with the floral detail and contrasted collar is another example of a great pattern this spring. The colors in this printed dress are enough to want to take it home and put it in your closet. Put a pair of heals on with this dress and head to a wedding or throw on some converse for a more easygoing look!


Be Yourself


Photos: Mardi Elwood

Location: Oak Creek Plants & Flowers

garden glory

Jennie O'Dell

Wearing: Spring Ahead Floral Dress $64 Blush Prenton Suede Bootie $42.50

Wearing: Escape Top $42.50 Highlight Velvet Heel (in gray) $34.50

It may still be winter but this weather could fool us. It's time to start getting out your prettiest floral tops and dresses to slip on and wear. Our new ivory dress with the blush floral detail and pleated top has us swooning. This dress can be worn for any bridal showers coming up or even a Sunday afternoon to lunch with the girls. Also, our new blush long sleeve top with hints of blue, green, and pink floral could be the perfect top to switch into spring. This top is great to wear with jeans for the chillier days and shorts when it gets warmer. Put on a sun hat and your favorite sunnies and you are ready to go. 


Be Yourself


Photos: Mardi Elwood

Location: Oak Creek Plants & Flowers 

Your Favorite Street Style

Jennie O'Dell

Wearing: Simply Me Top $35 Tobin 34 Lazer Cut Bootie $42

It's our favorite street style, classic and comfy. This white thermal top is simply amazing. A piece you can wear out, dress it up or throw it on with some sweats after a days work. Who wouldn't want a shirt that can do both? You will not be disappointed with the way this top drapes over you with nothing but comfort. I promise you, you cant go wrong! Pair it with some destroyed jeans and brown booties for the spring look you've been waiting for! 



Be Yourself! 

think before you speak

Jennie O'Dell

We live in such a fast-paced world and I feel like it moves even faster each day. We're always on a "deadline", we feel rushed, and we move quickly. Sometimes it's hard to stop for a second and actually think about what we're doing. But when we do have that second, we're spending it on our phones, on social media; interpreting other people's opinions, reacting, and forming our own opinions. We respond, sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly. Either way, the majority of the time, it is negative or hurtful, and we didn't even really mean it. How did we get here?

Let's throw it back for a second.

While I was growing up, social media was in its prime rise. If you didn't have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you weren't "in". Then came along Snapchat, and God forbid I don't keep my streak alive or post what I did last weekend on my story. Every time I'd walk to my next class in high school, 95% of the people I passed in the hallways were on their phones; tweeting, commenting, taking a screen shot, flipping through someone's Snapchat story, etc. It was routine. We all became so engrained and intrigued by how everyone else was living and by what everyone else was doing. Whether we liked what we were seeing or not, we were automatically forming opinions.

High school is hard sometimes. People, for the most part, are judgmental. They don't even know why they're talking about how "Sarah's hair looks like shit" or how "Danny and Megan hooked up last weekend". Who the hell actually cares? And who the hell actually deserves to talk about someone else like that? These are really juvenile examples, but they connect to my main point (I promise). High school is a time period where we're trying to figure out who we want to be and what we want to represent us. It's a hundred times harder to do this when people are beating each other down.

This isn't just in high school. This in every aspect of life.
Not just high schoolers. Small children. Adults. Elderly.
This happens every second of everyday.

There's a lot of pressure; a lot of expectations and ideologies for how we're all supposed to act, look, and what we believe in. And people will judge you if you do differently, look differently, or believe differently. And, again, why? We claim that we're constantly drained of our energy from work, school, life in general, etc., but we actually take the time out of our day to be, well, in complete honesty, assholes to each other.

The harsh things that can come out of our mouths are felt by an actual person. Yet, no one seems to care before they say these things? Your words do have power. Are the words really worth the hurt it causes another person?

let's take this concept to a different aspect.

A couple weeks ago, Jennie (co-owner of beyourself), and I were talking about the creation of this blog post. We were throwing all of these things out about what we've noticed about this topic and how incredibly "normal" this all is. We also were reflecting on an issue that was brought on by social media. Dennis Quaid's movie, "A Dog's Purpose" became an overnight monstrosity because of a video released on the internet. The video entailed a dog being forced under water, supposedly on the set of the movie.

Dennis Quaid, being the amazing and confrontational human he is (Sorry, I absolutely adore him), spoke on the Today Show about how the video was "spliced, edited, and manipulated". Yet, people of the social media world took the video and shot out awful words and even a boycott of the movie altogether. They made all of these immediate assumptions and opinions over one video that one person posted.

Seems a bit ignorant. maybe confirm your information is correct before you speak it on a public platform.

We've all become so quick to assume or to form a feeling that we don't even think about why we're assuming or feeling a certain way. We're constantly perceiving information, sometimes letting it stick a little too well or not at all.
We all constantly feel so under attack that we attack each other. And for what? We're all in this world together right now, and it's rough. It's impossible to grow and be better while we're all stepping on each other and bringing one another down.

Our co-owner, Jennie, always tells her 5 year old, Georgie, that "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it all". Are we forgetting that this is a concept so basic that it should already be engrained into our minds? I get defending yourself. I hope that everyone does- I do! I'll defend myself and other people if it is right. We're all wrong sometimes, so admit it and move on. Open your mind to the possibility of other opinions and ideas. There's not always one correct way to do something and I think that is one of our biggest struggles to understand.

There's too much of the black and white- we need more grey. We need more understanding- more compromise. We need to understand the consequences of what we're thinking of saying before we actually say it.

I'm not writing this as a saint, nor am I claiming that I don't make the mistakes I just wrote about. I'm not claiming that I don't automatically assume or become defensive because sometimes I'm so in the heat of the moment that I don't think before I speak.
My whole purpose of writing this is to just remind us all that those extra seconds we get everyday to do whatever we do, can be used to think instead of speak; can be used to float above the situation and actually realize the consequences.

Regardless of our consequences as a country right now, I believe we are, more than ever, on a strong path to complete acceptance and love. Hate is not a trend, love is, and it will continue to be. If we can understand that every voice matters, if we can understand that disagreeing is okay, and is a part of life, I think we can change the world.

Please keep being yourself. Please keep opening your mind. Please remember that everyone is different. Please remember to understand that everyone has differences. Please understand that the voice you're given has the power to produce powerful words. But most importantly, please remember to think about the powerful words you want to say before you speak them. You never know just how powerful they can be.

- Taylor, Jennie