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Jennie O'Dell

Hello lovely ladies!

We just started carrying Lipsense by SeneGence in the store and thought we'd do a tutorial to show you all how to apply it!  



1. shake color well

2. clean & dry lips. apply with lips apart

3. begin at one corner of your bottom lip

4. in one sweeping motion, brush the gloss to the other corner of your bottom lip (don't lift applicator & don't move it back and forth)

5. for your upper lip, start in the middle & move to one outer edge of your lip, repeat with other side

6. keep lips apart to allow to dry fully

7. finish with gloss to seal-in color


- always clean lips before applying

- apply three layers of color for best results

- if you feel a cool tingle, do not panic! this is completely normal

- do not mix other products with lipsense

- do not rub lips together until gloss is on 

- re-apply the gloss as needed 

Thank you so much for reading this post! We have so many different colors to choose from in the store and would love to help you find your perfect shade!

Have an amazing day + always remember to beyourself 

Maura + Allie 


Hutch Holiday Market

Jennie O'Dell

With over twenty-five local makers, ugly sweaters, holiday drinks, holiday music, ice skating, and a glo after party the Hutch Holiday Market had it all!

For the past two years, Hutch, a furniture and home décor store that “mixes modern, local and vintage furnishings”, has hosted hutchfest, which is a gathering of local artisans and craftsman. This year for the Holidays, Hutch decided to put together a holiday edition of their local marketplace that took place in Marcus Theatre in Midtown Crossing.

It was an amazing event that showcased local talent in such a warm and welcoming way. All of the vendors were so kind and have such a humbling story of how they started. Their goods were a display of their accomplishments with each item being crafted with so much thought.


Here are just a couple of the great vendors that were at the Holiday Market:

 The Anastasia Co. - a paper goods and vintage finds company


Andrea Stein - “large-scale, textural, colorful” paintings

Wick and Oil – custom blended, soy and coconut wax based candles

The Object Enthusiast – ceramic work inspired by earthly imperfections 

Seeing all of these local makers gather together in one space was truly amazing. Each vendor offered something unique and well-crafted to the marketplace. These events that showcase local makers are so special. You get to talk to the people that make what you buy, here how they got started, and support a local business. 

Someone Like You Sweater - Mustard $48.50      Mariko Black Booties $41.00

Stargazing Distressed Sweater $54.00     Move Over Ruffle Mini Skirt $41.50 

Stargazing Distressed Sweater $54.00     Move Over Ruffle Mini Skirt $41.50 

Thank you for reading this post, Happy Holidays, and like always…never forget to beyourself! 


List of all of the websites for the vendors featured:

The Cordial Cherry

Jennie O'Dell


ATTENTION!!!!!! It's almost Christmas!!!!!!! Am I the only one that feels like the holidays crept up especially fast this year? This beloved day is right around the corner and yet I find myself still looking for the perfect gifts for friends and family. You know those people in your life that are just IMPOSSIBLE to buy gifts for? (Mom I'm talking about you) Well I have found a solution! Cordial Cherry, located in the Shops of Legacy, is full of amazing sweet treats which make the perfect, and not to mention cute, gift ever! 


Cordial Cherry is known for their homemade chocolate covered cherries. Made fresh everyday, these cherries are dressed to the nines in holiday decorations which had me grinning ear to ear, as well as a watering mouth. 


If you're not a chocolate covered cherry lover, you need to take a step back and reevaluate your life. JUST KIDDING!! Cordial Cherry offers more than just their signature cherries, they also have a variety of chocolate covered goodies that will not disappoint. 

Build your own box of cherries? Yes please! There are endless selections of decorated cherries to choose from to create your individualized box of heaven. Also can we take a moment and admire the wrapping please? 

The holidays can be extremely stressful/busy and if you are need for a few more ideas for gifts, head on over to Cordial Cherry and get a box of their yummy cherries! If you are not completely convinced on how good they are, Oprah can vouch for them. Yes you heard that right, OPRAH listed these holiday cherries from Cordial Cherry as one of her favorite gift ideas for the holidays!

Beyond The Stars Leather Jacket for $89.50, Grey Knit Beret $15, Mariko Sock Bootie $41

Beyond The Stars Leather Jacket for $89.50, Grey Knit Beret $15, Mariko Sock Bootie $41

Box of cutie chocolate covered cherries? Check! Next step is to head over to beyourself to get a fun outfit and then you're set for the holidays! And for all of you late shoppers, DON'T STRESS, we are open on Christmas Eve

Thanks for reading babes and happy holidays!



buy me pizza and call me pretty

Jennie O'Dell


Via Farina- Italian meaning for, "the way of flour" (hence the pizzeria and pasta dishes served here) Hidden in the "Little Italy" of south Omaha. This dine -in or take out Italian cuisine was fantastic. This is hands down worth a try if you are craving the carbs but not the guilt.

Walking into the restaurant the layout, lighting, decor, and ambiance was filled with bright but relaxing vibes. Via Farina opens at 11 and if you are trying to have a casual, but quick lunch-- I recommend getting there shortly after 11, to beat the afternoon lunch rush. 


The appetizer that we indulged, was the famous "Fried Cauliflower". This dish was a savory twist including parsley, capers, chili flakes, and some lemon to add some tang. Before hitting the restaurant I read so many people ranting over this plate. Turns out they were all right, and no doubt I will be back to chow down on some more. A huge BRAVO to Via Farina for inventing such a delicious curve on creating a fried veggie.

The main courses we chose were the Rigatoni Pasta Dish, and the Fungo Pizza. I think this was the best decision I suggested all week, because we got the best of both world. The Fungo pizza was a very delicate pizza, but is served in a huge portion. Not only was it cooked in a stone oven that made the flavors enjoyable but it was the perfect balance between soft and just the right amount of crunch.  It was topped with a white sauce that was not overwhelming. The pizza had big fancy mushrooms, potato confit, and smoked prosciutto *insert drooling emoji. 

Now-- the Rigatoni was mouth watering. I am such a pasta guru and this plate was so delicious. Via Farina made this dish with chicken liver ragu. chili, and topped it off with some yummy bread crumbs. if you are a pasta lover like myself, I wouldn't reccomend sharing this tasty plate.

My favorite part of dinner is always the sweet treat I get to pick right after. We chose 1 of the 2 desserts they served called the, "Basil Ice Cream". The ice cream was such an off beat flavor but so appetizing. Think of eating healthy ice cream... and if that doesn't say it all, then I don't know what else will. 


Once we were done chowing, a man had a gift card with a remaining balance a little over $5.00. Although it was a tiny amount, he told the waitress to put it on our tab, to pay it forward. This was genuinely refreshing and really encouraged us to pay it forward in the future. We challenge you to partake in these random acts of kindness. not just for the holiday season but all year round. (Stay tuned for a paying it forward blog post to see how we are giving back to the community, big and small) It was such a kind gesture to end our lunch. So thank you to whoever paied it forward, you warmed our hearts and really made us smile. 

Next time you are headed downtown and maybe want to skip the busy lines of the old market scene- hop on over to Via Farina and try all their savory goodies.



The go to outfits for this lunch date: something casual, comfy, and a little spunky.

boba & buns

Jennie O'Dell

As most of you know there is a new trend called Bubble Tea or as some might call it “Boba.”.  But if you are like me and had never heard of it, you need to check out TeaVibe in Lincoln. TeaVibe was such a cool place to go for my first time trying Bubble tea. The atmosphere was great and the employees were SO kind. They also had Instagram worthy cups to put your tea in (as seen in our photos).  But what is Bubble Tea? It is a Taiwanese tea-based drink invented in Tainan and Taichung in the 1980s. Most bubble tea recipes contain a tea base that is mixed with fruit or milk and then tapioca balls and fruit jelly are usually added. Not only does TeaVibe have Bubble Tea with an abundant amount of flavors but they also have Bubble Waffle Ice Cream (currently drooling). Meredith and I had the Taro Milk Tea and the Matcha Milk Tea and I can honestly say that my first experience with Bubble Tea or as the cool kids call it, Boba, was delicious!


Pictured (Above) wearing our Far And Away Top with our One in A Million Denim Jacket

Pictured (below) wearing our Peace Denim Jacket with our On The Jet Comfy Joggers in grey and Mariko Suede Sock Bootie in dark blush

Always beyourself