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Behind The Doors

Jennie O'Dell


When the beyourself doors opened on April 9, 2005, an eye for detail and a lot of thought was put into the look of the boutique to portray the company’s mission of promoting self esteem and positive body image for women. The store became a haven where one could feel free to express who they are without judgement. 

One of the many ways beyourself promoted individuality was through their dressing room doors. Each year, beyourself asked local artists to design a door for the boutique. The only guideline being that the door’s design was to align with the company’s core values and promoted the mission statement. After that, they were given the creative freedom to take our story and interpret it however they’d like. 

Owner of beyourself boutique, Jennifer O’dell, expressed that the expansive array of designs that artists came up with was what made this project so great. Even though they were expressing the values of the store, it was through multiple lenses. None were the same, but all were extremely beautiful. 

These doors are a true testament on how we, as individuals, are all so unique and are seen differently, but our individuality is also apart of what makes us beautiful.

As for finding the artists, beyourself started by reaching out to local high schools; seeing if any of the students would be interested in designing a door. The first door ever designed for beyourself was by Michaela, who went to Skutt High School (pictured first). All the doors were designed by artists found in the Omaha area and some were even designed by beyourself employees! 



“I’ve always been fascinated by trees and what they are a symbol of. Rooted deeply, powerful, beautiful nourishing, and grounding. They help connect us to nature and to ourselves.”

- Kenna Shearman, artist.

“For me, the quote expresses everyone finding their own unique voice while still supporting and advocating for each other. I ran with a fish theme as a play on ‘there are plenty of fish in the sea.'“

- Tracy Haas, artist.


“I painted this door in high school and it was really a transformative time for me. I was figuring out the type of person I wanted to be and my mother was a huge inspiration. She was and still is a single mother, who worked incredibly hard to achieve her goals and to provide a mountain of support for me. This poem, “Phenomenal Woman,” by Dr. Maya Angelou spoke to my mom’s independence and the underlying internal beauty that lies within all women and those who identify as women.”

- Stephanie Sterling, artist.

“I was just inspired by snowflakes and how none of them are the same, but all of them are still beautiful.”

- Lara Rose Kaiser, artist.


“When we opened beyourself’s sister store, The Giving Tree. I felt extremely honored to design a door. We played off the seasons and the tree theme, so I had Winter. Both beyourself and The Giving Tree felt like places supporting love and growth, so I painted a tiny heart amongst the sprawling tree branches. My times at the shops will always hold a special place in my heart.”

- Kylie Keegan, artist.

“At the time, I was about to be done with high school and feeling really unsure and insecure about starting college. I remember that particular lyric resonating with my little teenage self and reminding me that change is scary, but I just have to believe in myself and embrace the change. I used the butterflies because it’s so easy to compare yourself to others in those time of insecurity, but at the end of the day, everyone is equally as valuable as the next despite all of our differences.”

- Justine Ward, artist.



Since the beginning of the second remodel of the store in 2011, the doors have been in storage. This summer, we decided to show off the doors one more time before they find a forever home! The doors can now be seen in the window display of the Omaha beyourself location and will be up until the next window display change.


Once the doors are taken down, some are going back to the artists, but others are available for purchase or donation. The money from any of the doors that are purchased will be donated to help promote the arts in schools in the Omaha area. If you are interested in purchasing a door or if you know of a teacher/organization/school that would love to receive a door to display in their class room or facility, please contact us via email at or call us at (402) 933-9584. We would love these doors, that had so much thought and love put into creating them, go to the wonderful people and places to inspire others to be themselves and promote creativity! 

A huge thank you to all of the artists who were involved in the project! The doors you all designed will be apart of beyourself’s history forever. We have reached out to as many of the artists as we could, but unfortunately could not find or reach some of the artists. If you happen to be one of the artists who designed a door, please contact us, so we can give you full credit for your work! If you want the door you designed, please let us know! We would be more than happy to give it back to you!

always remember to beyourself,

Allie Barnhart

BE BOSS Katie Hoke Harrower

Jennie O'Dell

Melrose Denim Jacket, Pretty Petals Floral Mini Dress

Melrose Denim Jacket, Pretty Petals Floral Mini Dress

‘Do what you love’, has never been a truer statement to describe what Katie Hoke Harrower, owner of Hank and Ax Salon, has done her whole life. She has always followed her intuition which led her to live in Colorado and California, go to beauty school, and a little over three and a half years ago; open Hank and Ax. And along the way, she has never wavered from being herself.

An Omaha Native, Katie has been in the industry for 17 years. Before becoming a licensed hairdresser, Katie explored her options. She graduated from the University of Nebraska Lincoln with an English degree in hopes of becoming an English professor. Instead, Katie moved to Denver with her husband where she became a sales representative for Paul Mitchell as a job she could do in between going snowboarding. While she lived in Denver, being a sales rep for Paul Mitchell, she fell in love with the industry. It wasn’t until she moved to Newport Beach, California with Paul Mitchell, that one of her biggest mentors, who was a hairdresser, told her she needed to go to beauty school to better her sales. Katie went on to beauty school….“And sure enough, I fell in love with doing hair,” she says.

“So that is how I got into this biz… accident.”

But Katie was always a natural when it came to doing hair.

“I should have known better because, in my sorority house, I would make money doing hair,” Katie says while the Hank and Ax girls are riding around on swivel stools. Which led to her saying in a lighthearted, but serious tone, “You guys, if there is hair in those wheels”….*gives them a stern look*.....”it’s coming out of ya’ll paychecks!”

But that is how Hank and Ax is, they are all boss babes and get the job done, all while having fun and making memories.

Lunar Floral Wrap Dress

Lunar Floral Wrap Dress

What was your reasoning on moving back to Omaha and starting a salon here?

“I loved living in Denver and I loved living in California….Ray (Katie’s husband) and I got married when we were 21. Our deal was, before we had children, we were going to live by the mountains and live by the ocean; we are going to snowboard and we are going to surf before we have children...and we did that. And then I got pregnant with Henry in California. So I had Henry out there, and then we moved back about 6 months after he was born. I just wanted to raise my kids with my parents and my family. I knew I wanted to have a business, and I knew I wanted to be back with my friends, and was calling me back.”

“I missed Omaha, I saw this whole scene coming up in music….and I thought people were more open with fashion….it was happening back here and I thought ‘I think it’s time to go back, I think it will be good.’”

When Katie moved back to Omaha, she went from working for Paul Mitchell, to being a stylist in a salon, to having her own salon suite.

“I loved that that for about a year, but then I really missed the camaraderie of other hairstylists,” Katie said.

The idea of opening up her own salon was never a pipe dream for Katie.

“I think I always wanted to open up something that was fun and mine.”

“I grew up living next door to my grandparents and they were both entrepreneurs. They both had their own businesses and I always thought that was so much fun. I loved that they had their own employees and I remember my grandpa at the cash register at the grocery store and I was like ‘I’m going to have my own cash register someday’. That was a thing that I wanted….and I got one!”

With an entrepreneurial mindset instilled in her at a young age, there was never any hesitation when it came to the decision of opening up her own salon.

“I was always like….’yeah, I’ll just have my own’…..I wanted to create my own space,” - Katie

“So, it was never a ‘Can I do it?’ It was more of ‘When I do it…” - Allie

“Yeah, I never really thought of it that way….I don’t think the scares came until about two years in, when you realize you are responsible for people you really care about….I have to to survive. Yes, for me and my family, but also for people that I completely love, that are dependent on me.” - Katie

How long has Hank & Ax been open for?

“The salon has been here for a little over three and a half years….and it was just me to start. I didn’t have a front desk, I didn’t have anybody, and then Kelsey came and we’ve just been growing since then,” said Katie.

“But you had this space,” said Allie, referring to the space the salon is in currently.

“Yeah , we gutted an old salon, painted it white, and I was like ‘okay we are good’...I didn’t put too much into it because I thought “we’ll just build from there’,” said Katie.

Time Flies Gingham Blazer ($49.50), Lydia Silver Rhinestone Belt ($45), Melrose Skinny Jean ($68)

Time Flies Gingham Blazer ($49.50), Lydia Silver Rhinestone Belt ($45), Melrose Skinny Jean ($68)

Where did the name Hank and Ax come from?

“Oh, well it’s my two little boys. Henry, who is ten and a half, his nickname is Hank...and then Axel is my eight year old. Ax is what we call him.”

Pit and Peak of Owning a Business

“They are almost one in the same for me. My peak is getting to create with young people. Getting to create with early twenty somethings. Being inspired by what kind of hair they do. Being inspired by how they dress, what artists they see coming up because it keeps me super relevant on how fast Instagram is moving. I didn’t have that growing up. So that is a peak for me.”

“The peak is seeing these guys succeed. The peak is seeing me succeed in something new. Working with these girls is my peak.”

“My pit, it’s also my pit. Learning how to work with a new generation. Understanding how they purchase. Understanding what makes them feel special. Understanding what makes them feel sad. I would say those are my pits. Like me getting frustrated with someone that grew up a certain way, and understanding how - what I think - how business works, how responsibility, how respect works is very different one or two decades below me. So coming to that common ground, we have our pits and our peaks within all of that. More importantly, out of the whole thing, it is a peak. Because as soon as we figure out how to communicate together and have successes together, educate together, and create together, I don't think there is a better way for them to learn and feel wise, nor is there a better way for me to feel like I’m keeping up and staying relevant and youthful.

“That pit and peak is that understanding of the different generations coming together and sometimes colliding. I’m CHOOSING to work with young people. I’m choosing to work with people who could be my kids.”

Are you thankful that you did open up your salon later on in life?

Without any hesitation, Katie says, “yes”.

“Yes. I’m happy that I went to beauty school later on in life. I’m happy that I opened my salon later. And I’m happy that I chose not to grab experienced hairdressers to work here. I am happy that I chose hairdressers in school and just out of school to build their career here and learn from them and to have our failures and successes together. Seeing it from two different lenses, really, has been cool…..There is nothing harder, but more gratifying than seeing someone who’s a year into the business and 100 percent booked and they are making a lot of money. That makes me happy.”

Summer Vacation Top ($34.50) Bardot Wide Leg Jean ($80) Lydia Gold Rhinestone Belt ($45)

Summer Vacation Top ($34.50) Bardot Wide Leg Jean ($80) Lydia Gold Rhinestone Belt ($45)

When talking about her girls and the power of social media….

“It’s how they market themselves. We work really hard on that. It’s like, ‘How do you want to be perceived?’ because it’s very important - what your social media presence is and who you are...There better be a nice, solid bridge in between that because people are coming for one or the other.” - Katie

“That’s what I think is so great about social media for hairdressers. You are marketing yourself, showing off your talents, and hopefully building your clientele this way.” - Allie

“And that’s why we did Hank and Ax. We did Hank and Ax because we wanted something where these girls show up to work, the business supports them in their education, and the business supports them in their social media. That’s why I have BB, my right and left hand….These girls could literally go in and say, ‘Hey BB, I want to do this with my social media. I want to look like this. How can we curate this? What can I do?” And she is like, ‘Got it’. That’s for them.” - Katie

Side Note: During the interview, every so often Katie would look over at her girls, who are with their clients and say words of affirmation and complement them on their work. With that, not once does she call them her employees, but they are her girls. As if, and because they are a family here.

Five, ten years plus...where do you see Hank and Ax?

“Oh my gosh, this is so fun. You know when you go to bed at night and you think, ‘Let’s just day dream a little’ and you think of really good things. In five years, I would say, we would be in a different location, and we will build it from the ground up, and there will be more emphasis on skincare, because we are bringing skincare in. Kaitlyn will be handling all of that….So in five years, I really want a new space, that is more catered to the whole guest experience...all of the mistakes I have made, I am learning from them. I would have more, way more, luxury services like skincare, …..a whole area for coloring, a whole area for cutting.”

“Ten kids will be all graduated from high school. I could see myself partnering off with one of these guys and running the whole show…..will they want to run it? I don’t know. I don’t see it going away, that’s for sure!”

Blooming Fields Midi Dress ($48.50)

Blooming Fields Midi Dress ($48.50)

Who would you like to thank, those people who helped you grow, have been behind you, and have helped you make this business what it is today?

“Oh, that’s such a great question! That one gets me a little weepy, because I could go back and say ‘well, I want to thank my grandparents, and I want to thank my dad’. I could thank all of my sorority sisters, and my college girlfriends, and all of the strong women in my life. I could even thank all of the people I had at Paul Mitchell, and all of my mentors. All of my Female mentors, that’s a big one….I have been really blessed with strong women in my life. Right now, in this moment, I am going to thank all of my staff. I am going to thank BB for coming in on Sundays and helping me clean up. I am going to thank all of these girls for keeping a positive attitude. I am going to thank these girls for holding each other accountable when someone has a bad attitude, and someone needs some lifting up. I am going to thank these girls for dealing with my temper tantrums. I have a lot of people to thank. That’s the thing, I never think of this as myself. I never think of this as ‘This is my business.’ Sometimes that is unhealthy. Sometimes I need to stand in my own power….There are a lot of people, but ALL of the strong females in my life that fail, stand up, fail, stand up.”

What does it mean to beyourself?

“Being yourself….I can remember the moment, in my life, when I CHOSE to stand on my own two feet and be myself.”

For Katie, it was the summer between Freshman and Sophomore year of high school.

“I realized that the people I was hanging out with….I wasn’t being authentically myself with.”

Katie was part of a group where she thought she has to act and dress a certain way, even though there was another group that she was more like.

“I was like, ‘I’m more comfortable hanging out with these people’. They might not be the ‘coolest’ people in the world.…..I got made fun of for it, but I didn’t care because I was truly, authentically being myself…..And you make your best decisions when you are being yourself…..That was a hard year for me. That was a whole transition year. And I feel like I haven’t wavered from that year AND I feel like my relationships are so much stronger and people respect me - and they’ve told me that - because that is (being yourself) is the most important thing to me.”

What’s In The Works for Hank and Ax?

This month, the salon got a little revamp…..think muted pink walls, a new skincare room, a coloring bar, and a fun seating area in the center of the space.

With the remodel, they have invited a more open concept. Hank and Ax is offering new and very exciting services like skincare and lash extensions! (I got my lashes done by Abbey a couple of days ago and love them!)

For Katie, Hank and Ax isn’t just a salon, but a place her and her girlfriends; present and future, can chat and hangout. When I asked if Katie had a vision or mission statement for Hank and Ax she said, “We’ve wanted to get together to come up with that, but we always get a little squirrelly when doing so, but the thing that we always come back to is we want everyone to feel like we’ve been waiting for them all a friend is waiting for you at their house...we want everyone to feel like they are apart of something.”


Thank you for reading.

always remember to beyourself,


Hank and Ax Information

To book an appointment at Hank and Ax, visit their website,, or text the number (402) 932-6599!

Location: 3667 N 129th St, Omaha, NE 68164


Instagram: @hankandax

How To: Mix Prints

Jennie O'Dell


One of the scariest concepts in fashion is mixing patterns or prints. And I’m not talking like a graphic tee with a pair of plaid pants or anything like that. I’m talking about taking that GIANT step in the fashion styling world and getting OUT THERE by mixing stripes and animal prints or florals and polka dots! However, I know it can be extremely discouraging when you look at the prints on a sales floor or in your closet and can’t help but internally scream and wonder how on earth people ever make it look good! It’s an easy concept to give up on, but we are here today to show you how EASY it truly is to mix those prints!

Let’s start with the basics! Ladies, I kid you not when I say the easiest way to start mixing your prints is simply by substituting your solid neutral item (black, grey, ivory, beige, taupe even navy) with a monochromatic pattern. So those black pants you have, grab a black dot print pair instead or that navy top in your hand, grab a navy striped top as a replacement! Then, if you’re planning on stepping out for the day in a floral top, leopard bodysuit, etc., you can throw on those dot print pants or that striped top and you are DOING IT! You’re in the beginning stages of becoming a pro-pattern mixer! I am telling you, this is happening! Look at the three looks I styled below to help get you started!

Outfit Details: Full Bloom Floral Top $53.00, On The Dot Shorts $41.00 (above) Natalie Floral Top $52.00, On The Spot Denim Skirt $42.50, Selfie Ankle T-Strap Platform $39.50 and the Veronica Printed Mini Dress $41.00, All Night Cheetah Cardigan $51.00, and Cashmere Black Suede Heel $39.50 (below)

Alright, now that you’ve mastered substituting your solid neutral print for a monochromatic pattern, lets step it up by mixing two different prints, but with the same unifying color. To demonstrate, we really simplified this step by using a white grid print blazer and white polka dot top! However, if you really want to step outside the box with that same unifying color, you can try more bold types of colors! Such as using a leopard print that has some pink in it, for example! You can then add any other print that has pink in it and you’re golden!


Outfit Details: Layla Polka Dot Top $44.50, Out Of Line Grid Print Blazer in ivory $41.50, Not Your Average Mom Jean $70.00, Wulff Cut Out Mule Sandal $35.00 (above) Out Of Line Grid Print Blazer in mustard $41.50, Wild One Cropped Leopard Top $38.00, Costal Destroyed Jean $68.50, and the Austin Floral Mini Dress $48.50 (below)

Now, on to that pro-level mix-matching business! When you can successfully master coordinating two patterns of the same color and swapping your solids for a monochromatic print, you are ready to try adding a completely different pattern! Believe it or not, leopard print is a neutral pattern! I’ll say it again; LEOPARD PRINT IS A NUETRAL! So, if you have a leopard top on and a mustard grid print blazer, like we have here, instead of jeans you could add another neutral or monochromatic pattern! You could easily substitute in a plaid skirt or pant and be head-to-toe patterns! Honestly, it looks fantastic and I would wear this combo every day if it was socially acceptable! See, so easy right!?

Take a look at these other options for adding more prints to your look!

(pictures taken from Pinterest)

I will be the first to admit, mixing patterns is hard and does take some practice, but don’t take it too seriously! It’s supposed to be a FUN concept that helps your outfits be more UNIQUE! The most important advice I can give you when it comes to mixing patterns is to HAVE CONFIDENCE! If you think something looks good there is a great chance it does in fact look good, so let the world be your cat walk and rock it! Plus, even if it doesn’t look the best, people don’t know that and will just think you’re ahead of the trends! Score for you! So, the next time you really aren’t feeling your outfit or really want to step outside your comfort zone (which is a GOOD thing) try something fresh, new, and exciting and MIX THOSE PRINTS!

Key Reminders:


2. Swap out solid neutrals for classic patterned neutrals (black and white stripes/dot print, neutral plaid)


4. Find patterns that share the same base or accent color

5. Mix pattern sizes (large floral print with smaller dot print)

And as always, be yourself and take a step outside of your comfort zone!



Spring Lookbook

Jennie O'Dell

Spring is approaching and do we have some looks for you! We teamed up with Amber from Creative Hair and Design to put together a Spring Lookbook to give you be babes some outfit, hair, and makeup inspiration!


Amber kept it very laid back for the hair with loose curls and a half up twist. This style will be perfect for any occasion! For makeup, she wanted to do something very light and playful for the springtime with pinky tones and iridescent reflection!  

Snap Out of It Bodysuit ($45) Take A Chance Denim Jean ($78) Zane Black Strappy Bootie ($44.50)

Snap Out of It Bodysuit ($45) Take A Chance Denim Jean ($78) Zane Black Strappy Bootie ($44.50)

There is nothing better than having a piece that you can wear time and time again, BUT in different ways like our Georgia Floral Wrap Dress ($68.00). Need a statement piece to jazz up any outfit? Wear the wrap dress as a kimono and you’ve got the perfect outfit for a casual date night, lunch or brunch with friends, or a fun night out!

Or you can wear our Georgia Floral Wrap Dress the traditional way, which is perfect for a Spring wedding or dinner out with a special someone! We spiced up the dress with our Zane Black Strappy Bootie ($44.50), but feel free to wear this dress with your favorite pair of strappy sandals or heels!  

This outfit just screams Spring Time! Everything from our Jones Linen Blazer ($54.50), to our Sienna Distressed Jean ($72.00). You will definitely be ready for the nice weather in these classic pieces!

We LOVE accessorizing! So pair these timeless pieces with some statement earrings, a snakeskin belt, and our Zane Snakeskin Strappy Boot ($44.50).


One word...JUMPSUITS! If there is one piece of clothing you should get for the springtime it is a jumpsuit, like our Carried Away Striped Jumpsuit ($49.50). You can dress it up, like we did with a fun belt, cabby hat, and our Zane Black Strappy Bootie ($44.50), or dress it down with a pair of sandals! You cannot go wrong with a piece like this!


Have fun with your outfit by mixing patterns with color! Our Paris Satin Tank (in Bright Yellow, $38.50) will brighten up any outfit, especially paired with Cyrus Bandana Top ($46.50). To finish off the outfit you can never go wrong with a pair of girlfriend jeans like our Coastal Destroyed Jean ($68.50).

Shoes: Zane Black Strappy Bootie ($44.50)


And finally, the PERFECT Spring dress is here for you! Our Santa Barbara Midi Dress ($54.50) will be your new go to dress. The geometrical white and mustard print is epic, the midi length is perfect for any occasion, and the button down detail in the front makes the dress a perfect cover up when going to the pool!

I hope you all enjoyed these looks! Come shop all of these pieces and more in store or online! And make sure to book an appointment for a new Spring look with Amber at Creative Hair and Design and follow her on Instagram at @amberwavesofhair.

always beyourself,


Go Bold With Belts

Jennie O'Dell

IMG_6598 copy.jpg


Do you ever feel like your outfit is lacking something? Like you need one more final touch to make a statement and complete your look? What you’re in NEED of is a BELT! They transform an outfit and there are SO many ways to wear them! Belts have quickly become an essential item in my closet. I almost feel naked without one! They have created trends that everyone wants to copy! Rhinestone and chain belts? You need at least one! (Or maybe five) You can style up a graphic tee or a basic, simply by adding a cool belt! You can completely reinvent a dress or skirt by cinching a belt around the waistband! I selected SIX looks just to show you how!


We all have those tops in our closets that are incredibly cute but need a little bit more than funky jewelry or great shoes to bring the whole outfit together. When you have a top as cute as our Blue Skies Crop Top, throw on a western style or chain belt to livin’ up the look! Take a look at what this outfit looks like without a belt and then what it looks like with one! Totally different look and LOVING it! Belts can effortlessly transform your look for a certain occasion too! Need an outfit for a country concert? Add the western belt with this top and you’re good to go! Needing an outfit for a night out? Hook on our chain belt and head out the door!

IMG_6922 copy.jpg

Details: Blue Skies Crop Top $43.50, Coastal Destroyed Jean $68.50, Zane-Black/White Snakeskin Boot $43.50, both belts are $18.00.

LOOK 2 & 3:

It’s easy to get in to a routine of wearing the same belt with a pair of pants or a dress when you buy the garment that way. However, you can swap out the belt it came with for a belt already in your closet and give yourself a fresh new ensemble! Our Hot Tamale Pleated Trousers originally came with a matching red belt, but by adding this wide, black belt instead, it accentuates Shelby’s waist and creates a more dramatic, yet elegant look! Adding a different belt can also make it easier when it comes to adding accessories! Black leather earrings and black strappy heels were added to complete the look! I also showcased this swap out on our Malibu Striped Wrap Dress! Sometimes swapping out the belt makes a world of difference!

IMG_6687 copy.jpg

Details: You’re The One Crop Top available in ivory, black, heather grey, navy, burgundy, and light olive $34.00, Hot Tamale Pleated Trouser $48.50, Cashmere Black Suede Heel $39.50, Malibu Striped Wrap Dress $51.00.


When you have 15 graphic tees in your closet like I do, it can be hard to come up with creative new ways to style them. Pairing them with the same ole jeans and shoes can easily retire those graphics to the back of your closet! Don’t let yourself do that! Styling up a graphic tee with a chic blazer is step one! Step two, add that trendy jewelry you have been DYING to wear! And step three, grab your BELTS! By adding a snakeskin belt and mixing it with the stripes of the blazer, it really turns your whole look into a STATEMENT! With the graphic being a solid washed black, the snakeskin belt adds a little pizazz! Now, let’s take you out of your comfort zone a little by cinching the blazer with a belt! By switching out the belts, you not only have one statement look, but TWO statement looks using all the same pieces!

IMG_6554 copy.jpg
IMG_6586 copy.jpg
IMG_6598 copy.jpg

Details: Read Between The Lines Balzer $59.50, Metallica Black Faded Tee $69.00, Coastal Destroyed Jean $68.50, Zane- Black/White Snakeskin Boot $43.50, both belts are $18.00.


If you notice, our Louise Polka Dot Skirt doesn’t have belt loops to help you guide the belt for the most flattering look. That’s okay though because you DON’T need belt loops! It can be quite terrifying trying to find the ideal placement for your belt when putting it in the wrong spot on your torso can make or break your look! But don’t worry! By laying the belt over the waist band of the skirt, you can replicate the same look you would get if it had belt loops! Cinch the belt around your waist, which will trim you up and give you the most flattering fit and makes us short people look taller. YAY!

Details: Jameson Cropped Tee available in off white, black, and alpaca $28.50, Louise Polka Dot Skirt $45.00, Stack Chunky Lace Up Boot available in camel and black $49.50.


RHINESTONES! A girl’s best friend, right?! When you have a great outfit but lack the bold statement jewelry or the patterns, a rhinestone belt will take you over the top! With the cold temperatures we are facing here in Nebraska, it is always a question of how to wear bodysuits. They are perfect for summer, but almost seem impossible for winter! I paired this bodysuit with a mock neck turtleneck to warm up the look! Taking the look a step further, I paid it with a rhinestone belt to make this outfit one BOLD statement! A rhinestone belt doesn’t always have to be dressed up. An alternative for a statement belt like this could be pairing it with a graphic or plain tee with a pair of jeans and sneakers! If you want to dress up the belt even more though, take a little black dress and add the belt around your waist! There are several ways to style this incredible belt!

Details: You’re The One Crop Top available in ivory, black, heather grey, navy, burgundy, and light olive $34.00, Snap Out Of It Bodysuit available in black, mustard, and white $45.00, Just Your Basic Mom Jean in medium denim $70.00, Rhinestone Belt $45.00.

AND FINALLY: For those little black belts that are extremely versatile but you're tired of wearing the same way over and over again, here are TWO NEW ways to style them with your outfits! Instead of tucking the extra length of the belt back in the loops, wrap them in the front for unique ways to accent your more basic looks without taking all the attention away from the garments! Follow the steps below to see how!

IMG_6995 copy.jpg

Details: Another Day Basic T-Shirt available in alpaca and black $31.00, Not Your Average Mom Jean $70.00, Cashmere Black Suede Heel $39.50, Black Belt $18.00.

As you can see, belts are essential to have in your closet! These six looks barely scratch the surface of all the different ways there are to style belts but hopefully this is a good starting point for you! They can make any outfit unique and change your silhouette all depending on the look you are trying to achieve! If you are in need of assistance, feel free to reach out to us! We are all more than happy to help with ANY of your styling needs! Be adventurous, be BOLD, and try styling a belt with your next outfit! And always remember to beyourself!