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well grounded coffee : omaha

Jennie O'Dell

A lot of people unfortunately underestimate Omaha when it comes to anything besides our stereotypical labels of corn and the College World Series. While those labels are important to our identity as a city, it's also important that Omaha citizens bring to light all of the other factors that make Omaha's culture so freaking awesome. Working for beyourself has really made me appreciate local businesses so much more and has made me want to bring them to the attention of other Omaha residents. My first stop is Well Grounded, a coffee shop at 707 S 24th St in Omaha (right at the corner of 24th and Leavenworth). Walking in, I was immediately greeted by store owner, Sarah, who was so lovely and kind that I probably could've stayed and drank coffee all day while talking to her. I ordered my favorite go-to, an iced coffee, and a lemon poppyseed muffin (probably the best I've ever had), that I later found out was baked by her mother. The ambiance of the store was light, clean, and comfortable with soulful Indie music playing in the background and floods of natural light all throughout the space. To make this place even more amazing, their store name has a world-changing meaning behind it. 10% of profits go to charity:water- a nonprofit organization that donates 100% of proceeds to end the water crisis around the globe. The foundation is solely based to educate people in communities to maintain wells, allowing a consistency of clean water in communities impacted by poverty. As well, Well Grounded brews Intelligentsia coffee, a roasting company and coffee shop that is based in Chicago. After ironically being in Chicago this past weekend, and drinking Intelligentsia, I was even more excited when I found out that Well Grounded brews it! Not only because it is absolutely delicious, but because their initiatives are incredible as well. Intelligentsia does not just buy the coffee beans- they work alongside the farmers who grow them, ensure a price far above the international trade standards, and guarantee that the farmers are paid directly. As well, they enhance growing education and possibilities each year to continuously make the coffee the best it can be. While you'd think this would (and should) be common, it's not. And that is what makes the whole story behind Well Grounded even more incredible. Not only are you supporting a local business while enjoying yummy coffee, but you're making differences around the world without even knowing it! I think that's a reason to drink local. 

Go check them out at their website,, or check out their Instagram @wellgroundedomaha for more information!

Thank you for reading + always remember to be yourself :)

By: Taylor Heiman