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Lulu DK #GiveItASpin

Jennie O'Dell

It can be hard to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.  It’s that special time of year where we try our hardest to do so and we are constantly finding new and creative ways over the holidays to show those people what they truly mean to us. Jewelry is something that usually comes to mind when thinking of buying gifts, but what about jewelry with a meaning and a message? Lulu DK necklaces have it all.  The Ever Love Code charm contains a hidden message that is readable with the spin of your finger.  Each with a uniquely designed box along with an endearing poem or message, you really can’t go wrong. They are tucked away in an individual embroidered linen pouch and let me mention that these pretty little things are made with 14K to 24K Gold. Need I say more?

Above: My personal favorite is You, Me, Oui. The box design is stunning and it reads: "You are you and I am me, Together we make we and oui! Best friends forever hear me roar, Best friends forever to the core. You make me laugh; you catch my tears, I'll be there for you through the years."

Above: You, Me, Oui is my favorite for many reasons. I love the colors incorporated in the box design and not only that but I love the saying and think it is just so sweet and heartfelt. There are so many people I could see myself giving this to because it's meaning is so broad. This could be a great gift for your mom or best friend. 

All of the above: $68.00 and are made with 14 karat gold plated brass.

This beauty is 24K Gold Plated Silver and is $145 and it's box is as beautiful as ever. Gents, if you're looking for a special way to tell the woman you love just how much she means to you... here ya go. You can thank us later. ;)

Above: And last but certainly not least, The Always Love Code Pendant. Encircling Lulus hand drawn design, with the words " I am always with you" loop the border of the delicate peice. This necklace is a "symbol of the genuine love connection held within one's soul." Made with 24K gold plated silver and runs for $385.  

Let these necklaces speak for you this year and put down the pen and cheesy card. Stop into beyourself to see what Lulu DK is all about and #GiveItASpin or shop them at beyourself online!  While you are at it, get one that means something to you that you can wear. I know I will.

xo Taylor

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