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Vala's Pumpkin Patch

Jennie O'Dell


GREAT news ladies, it's finally fall which means a few things; pumpkin flavored everything, cozy sweaters, and more importantly...... the opening of Vala's Pumpkin Patch!!!!!! I could create an endless list of why I love fall, but Vala's is up at number 1. 

In the Mountains Cardigan $58, Bound to Be Top $37.50, Fray Hem Skinny Jean $49, Combat Boot $42.50

In the Mountains Cardigan $58, Bound to Be Top $37.50, Fray Hem Skinny Jean $49, Combat Boot $42.50

IT. IS. FINALLY. SWEATER. WEATHER. Don't get me wrong, summer clothes are great and all, but who doesn't want to wear a sweater that can also pass as a blanket??? Also, lets talk about this years colors for fall. Is it just me, or is the color mustard taking over your closet too? And honestly, I am 100% okay with it.  


WARNING: Pictures below contain large amounts of meat being inhaled. Viewer discretion is advised.

Did you even go to the pumpkin patch if you didn't take a picture eating the massive turkey leg? For all my meat lovers out there, if you have not tried one of these guys, I HIGHLY suggest it.

Who wants ONE cookie when you can have a CONE of them? Oh and let me tell ya, they do not disappoint. 


Last stop at the patch was to grab a bag of this INSANELY delicious kettle corn, because what better way to bring a piece of Vala's home with you? Even if it is just until the next weekend when you go again. HEY- there are only 31 days in October so you've got to take advantage of it while it lasts, right? Confession, this bag was half-way eaten by the time I got home. No shame.

On an ending note- if you don't go to Vala's this month, you are doing October wrong. Nothing breaks you in to the season like a trip to the pumpkin patch. Happy fall everyone! 




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