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Take the time and give a shit, please.

Jennie O'Dell

give a shit 2.jpg

Why are people taking so much pride in not giving a shit? When did this happen? And why aren’t we taking the time to notice, that truly caring can be a beautiful thing.  For just one second, imagine a world where every person woke up in the morning thinking “I’m going to give one more shit today, than I did yesterday”.

Before I dig deeper, here’s your disclaimer:

I read this article once about how cursing has proven intelligence ability to the human race. I say that these words are powerful, these words can be constructive instead of only destructive and therefore, a statement can be made when we are using strong taboo words. I hope you see that my choice of language is for constructive mindfulness, and I truly don’t mean to trigger anyone.

Being a 22-year-old, female, college student I’ve seen the hate, the anger, and the wasted energy that goes into “not caring” in this world. It is the malicious repercussion from the lack of caring which has driven me to ask, “How did we get like this?” and “why is it so bad to actually, care?”.

When becoming mindful of who you are, how you are behaving, and how you can truly make a difference; the possibilities of giving a shit become higher. This should not be hard.

Giving a shit isn’t being focused on your own opinion, you forget to see the ground of others. Giving a shit isn’t caring about what others perceive you as, but it is noticing and accepting. To give a shit you simply must care. Care about yourself, care about others, and care about humanity at every different level you can think of. This is important—because of people not taking the 2 seconds to notice, it is ruining our relationships, careers, the planet, and unfortunately ourselves.  

What’s harming you, to give a shit about relationships?

When did it become a thing that everyone needed to be emotionless? When did happiness ever stem from not caring?   Relationships aren’t always gold and glitter.  Sometimes they hurt, and sometimes you have to use the light from the burnt bridges to light your own way. In every single relationship, why can’t we take negative judgments and opinions of others and turn them into feedback? If we found the difference it would be easier to self-improve. We could be asking ourselves, “Was that comment I made earlier, really aligned with my core values?” it might not have been, and that’s okay, you can still improve yourself. Don’t get me wrong- I’m not telling you to pay attention to every single glance or stare, but by watering the seed of self-improvement instead of self-doubt is all rewarding. YOU SHOULD GIVE A SHIT.

What’s harming you, to give a shit about the planet?

On so many diverse levels you watch people teach themselves to not care, so they turn emotionless. What if every time we stepped outside we picked up garbage around our homes, or every time you took your children to the park, you all picked up the trash of strangers, before playing? This is your world- and it’s not bad to notice the world around you and love it while we have it. I have found it so rewarding by being the one that gives a shit. When you respect the world, the world returns the favor to you. I truly believe in the connections the universe has on us, and maybe this isn’t something you pride yourself in—but what comes around goes back around.

give a shit 3.jpg

So, what is harming you, to just give a shit?

The correct answer to the three bolded questions above is:  NOTHING!   

Caring is not bad people, it simply is saying you care and you are aware of the hate/bad/evil/ things in life but you will still come forward with passion and love because you CAN. Caring about things can truly bring you peace. Whether the circumstance is finding boundaries, your hardships in your family, or speaking to a stranger about politics—giving a shit helps you be more mindful and genuine to those around you.

Feelings are scary... giving a shit is scary and when people are frightened, they run- they shut down. Shutting down and not caring isn’t going to make all the problems in your world, or the one we share, go away… news flash, the lack of caring is exactly why there is major chaos in our world.

I’m not the only one begging you to care. The world and your relationships are all begging you to care a little more than you cared yesterday. So, notice the world around you, dig a little deeper and simply; Give A Shit.


Author/Photographer: Maura Hanzek