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The Cordial Cherry

Jennie O'Dell


ATTENTION!!!!!! It's almost Christmas!!!!!!! Am I the only one that feels like the holidays crept up especially fast this year? This beloved day is right around the corner and yet I find myself still looking for the perfect gifts for friends and family. You know those people in your life that are just IMPOSSIBLE to buy gifts for? (Mom I'm talking about you) Well I have found a solution! Cordial Cherry, located in the Shops of Legacy, is full of amazing sweet treats which make the perfect, and not to mention cute, gift ever! 


Cordial Cherry is known for their homemade chocolate covered cherries. Made fresh everyday, these cherries are dressed to the nines in holiday decorations which had me grinning ear to ear, as well as a watering mouth. 


If you're not a chocolate covered cherry lover, you need to take a step back and reevaluate your life. JUST KIDDING!! Cordial Cherry offers more than just their signature cherries, they also have a variety of chocolate covered goodies that will not disappoint. 

Build your own box of cherries? Yes please! There are endless selections of decorated cherries to choose from to create your individualized box of heaven. Also can we take a moment and admire the wrapping please? 

The holidays can be extremely stressful/busy and if you are need for a few more ideas for gifts, head on over to Cordial Cherry and get a box of their yummy cherries! If you are not completely convinced on how good they are, Oprah can vouch for them. Yes you heard that right, OPRAH listed these holiday cherries from Cordial Cherry as one of her favorite gift ideas for the holidays!

Beyond The Stars Leather Jacket for $89.50, Grey Knit Beret $15, Mariko Sock Bootie $41

Beyond The Stars Leather Jacket for $89.50, Grey Knit Beret $15, Mariko Sock Bootie $41

Box of cutie chocolate covered cherries? Check! Next step is to head over to beyourself to get a fun outfit and then you're set for the holidays! And for all of you late shoppers, DON'T STRESS, we are open on Christmas Eve

Thanks for reading babes and happy holidays!