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henna is hella cool

Jennie O'Dell

It's time! We're in warmer days and the sun is soaking us with excitement of how we are getting closer and closer to summer. With festival season quickly approaching (Coachella is already next weekend!), we are obsessing over everything and anything that makes us feel like we're going to every show this summer.

\ One of our favorite trends is HENNA /

Although I always thought it looked awesome, I never took the time to try it out. You see henna artists all the time- along beachside town boardwalks, at festivals or carnivals, or at just a table and chair in your downtown market area. To be honest, it's definitely not an amateur game. Henna is an artistry that is not easy to master. But, lucky for you, we have kits that make it easy. Plus, I have some do's and don'ts when doing henna.

  • DO make sure you read the entire list of instructions before even starting
  • DON'T rush... in order for this to look amazing, it needs to be done when you have time set aside for it
  • DO tape the stencils (if you choose to use them) onto wherever you're henna-ing... this makes it easier for the henna to stick to one spot on your skin, rather than smearing
  • DON'T use soap or water on that part of your body for AT LEAST 12 hours (so basically get your shower in beforehand)
  • DO it with a friend- 2 people is better than 1 in this case


Each set has different stencils, along with different ideas to freehand.


With patience, henna becomes the best way to get your quick fix for your tattoo craving, new accessory, or perfect way to get your boho on. It's also a pretty darn good excuse to get your nails done ;)

- Taylor