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Rush in style

Jennie O'Dell

Calling all college girls! Fall semester is right around the corner, which means sorority recruitment is approaching, FAST. Need some help with what to wear? Here are some common recruitment days and a couple tips on how to slay the game!

Sorority Letters T-shirt Day

For some colleges, rush week starts off with wearing t-shirts. Quick question, how are you suppose to make a t-shirt look cute? Well you can start off with finding a fun, printed pair of shorts or skirt. Tie your shirt in a front knot (which I think we all have mastered by now), throw on a pair of sandals and you have officially given an extreme makeover to that scrubby t-shirt. CONGRATS!

Casual Day

As rush continues through the week, our days get more stressful and the outfits get fancier. BUT WHO DOESN'T LOVE A GOOD SUNDRESS?  Also can I say thank you to the trend of jumpsuits, and rompers, because I don't know about you, but always remembering to sit like a lady is difficult! 

Tip: Heeled shoes are cute and all but not always the most practical, especially when walking from house to house. We need something cute yet comfy; wedges and mules kill it in both categories!

Formal Day

YES almost there ladies! We have almost reached the end of recruitment, which means its time to pull out the formal dresses. In need of a specific colored dress? We have got you covered! Black, Red, Navy, Pink, Lavender, Royal Blue, White, find them all at beyourself. 

Ok my babes we did it! We got through rush week looking glam. Shop all of these looks in store or online now!

Last note, recruitment can be a stressful and nerve-racking week but it also gives you a chance to find a group of gals who you end up calling your sisters (ugh cheesy I know). Just remember to have fun, pack a couple bandaids, and beyourself <3