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2140 Winthrop Road
Lincoln, NE, 68502
United States



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The Hub Cafe

Jennie O'Dell

Community, Sustainability, Quality and Creativity

A little place, with big flavor. Their approach to food is simple: use the best ingredients that them as local famers have to offer. As a partnership with Branched Oak Farm and Cultiva Coffee they strive to be a place where the community can come together, being it's a hub for the trails network, it is a fantastic place for people to gather and head out for runs, walks and bike rides on the trails. With farms being so close to the city of Lincoln we need more places like this, that offer a whole menu of locally grown produce that with every bite you truly can taste how fresh the food is. Why are we spending money on fast food franchises and not our own locally grown food? If we can support more places like this we can support our own community and the people around us and grow together.

A small menu with big flavors.

smashed avocado + preserved lemon: chile flakes, pickled red onion, zaatar + sea salt on thick cut toast, fried farm egg sandwich: branched oak jack, balsamic roasted red onion, aioli, + greens on a warm buttermilk biscuit, crispy local pork gyro: slow roasted shoulder, pickled radish, apple tzatziki, mixed lettuce + pita

UNION PLAZA | Lincoln, Nebraska

250 N 21st St, #3 Lincoln, NE 68503

As two locally owned business, we both have the same mission for our communities; Clothes and Food that make you feel good from the inside out. Support local and support each other.

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Shelby Holloway

Be Yourself Boutique