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Beyourself Meets Barcelona, Spain

Jennie O'Dell

"Travel. As much as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can. Life's not meant to be lived in one place."

Hey Beyourself babes!

I was fortunate enough to travel through out Europe this summer and I wanted to take you all along for the journey! My first stop....Barcelona, Spain! Here are my top must see/do while in this vibrant city, a couple of tips on what to wear while traveling, and a few pointers if you are planning a trip abroad!

Here are a couple of tips for you wonderers at heart....

Tip #1 Go with the Flow

By this I mean, if things do not go as expected don't stress out about it. Some of the best memories I have had so far has come from the unexpected. If you happen across something cool that you want to explore or you find out about an awesome excursion, go do it! You never know when you'll be back in Europe so live it up while you're here!

Tip #2 Get off the Beat and Track

One of the biggest and most valuable pieces of advice that my mom has given me for this trip was, "you never know a city until you get lost in it". By this she means, explore. Don't be afraid to not follow the crowd. Find your own beautiful parts in the city.

Tip #3 Keep an Open Mind

For those who have never been to Europe, like me, I really needed to make a mental note of this. I have learned that every country and even every city in Europe has a different culture. It was a little intimidating at first, being in a new place, with a different atmosphere than what I was use to, but I gained a whole other level of appreciation from it. I think keeping an open mind really helps you adapt to your new surroundings and makes your trip more enjoyable.

Highlights from My Time in Barcelona!

#1 Seeing the Architectural Works by Antoni Gaudí

When I think of Barcelona, I think of the architecture by Antoni Gaudí. For those of you who have seen pictures of his famous works, let me tell you, nothing pales in comparison to seeing them in person. If you ever travel to Barcelona take a day to marvel over the astounding masterpieces by Antoni Gaudí.

Traveling and walking around can take a lot out of you, especially if you are not wearing comfortable clothing, but the Around the House Jumper became my ride or die because of how effortlessly stylish it was! Accessorize it with some cute sunnies and a couple of necklaces for layering and you've got the perfect outfit! 

#2 Brunch at Brunch & Cake

Brunch & Cake is one of those restaurants where the food looks almost too pretty to eat, but I highly recommend eating your food after you take a picture for Instagram of course. (; This place is the perfect spot to eat before exploring Barcelona since it is right in the center of the city.

#3 Day Trip to Sitges, Spain 

If you are ever visiting a big city in Europe, like Barcelona, I would have to suggest taking a day or even a half a day out to visit a smaller town near by. The big cities are great and so full of energy, but the small towns have so much charm and undiscovered beauty to them. Take a day away from the big city and enjoy the beach, atmosphere and so much more in Sitges!

BY Barcelona 9.jpg

For a fun day at the beach, this bodysuit was a great choice! Not only was the off the shoulder and ruffle detail super cute, but it also doubled as a bathing suit! Pair it with some high-waisted jean shorts and you have the perfect beach day outfit! 


#4 Walking around the Gothic Quarters

As the old town city center of Barcelona, the Gothic Quarters is filled with history that one can easily take in by marveling at the stunning buildings. Carve out some time to wonder around this historic district and while you are there stop by my favorite gelato spot in Barcelona, the Chocolate-Box, for a sweet treat! I highly recommend the pistachio gelato! (: 

#5 Dinner at Luzia

This restaurant was the perfect way to end my last night in Barcelona. Luzia is located on Las Ramblas, the most well-known street in Barcelona, so I highly recommend taking some time to walk down this street on your way to the restaurant. I got the Mushroom Risotto with black truffles and it was so amazing I could have eaten another plate!

Thanks guys for reading this blog post! I am so excited to share more about my time in Europe in future posts! Have an amazing day and always remember to be yourself!