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Linda McMillen

Jennie O'Dell

Take a look into Linda McMillen's experience after 12 and half years shopping with beyourself. 

Linda is one of the most welcoming people that has shopped with us for OVER a decade. Not only do we value her kindness she shares with all of us, but also her appreciation for beyourself's fashion that has made huge impacts on her life.

For a very long time Linda struggled with finding the right place to shop because she was in a teeter-totter with how fashion was making her feel. Like most, she experienced the hard shopping routine. Linda would walk into several stores to find out that there wasn't anything that made her feel confident, lovely, or even good in her own skin. 

Linda explained to me during our coffee date, "When beyourself came about, and I had my first experience-- I couldn't stop thinking about the genuine time I had shopping, trying on affordable clothes that she loved seeing in her wardrobe." We talked for an hour about how. internally, she has grown through the clothes and how her new wardrobe has enabled her to be herself.

Linda is 66 (doesn't look a day over 25) and beyourself is her favorite clothing store in Omaha. She says, "I love beyourself's clothing. I love the amazing choices of so many cute styles and incredible comfort. That is what keeps me coming back." 

Although boutiques are thought to be for younger generations, Linda goes to show that beyourself is for any age group. We appreciate Linda's support through the 12 years of shopping with us and its been so rewarding watching Linda recreate herself in our store. 

We welcome and encourage anyone of all ages to come in and experience what beyourself is all about. Every single person on beyourself's team, would consider it a privilege to help you!


Love love,