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Almost Music & Coneflower Creamery

Jennie O'Dell

Almost Music and Coneflower Creamery; two locally owned shops that bring character to the Blackstone District. 

Almost Music has been around Omaha since 2013 when they first opened their doors in Benson. In 2016, they made the move to the Blackstone District, offering the area a great selection of vinyl’s and an array of books. Owner, Brad Smith, said that he started collecting vinyl when he was younger. His early love for vinyl mixed with being a partner at a different record/book store was the reasoning behind why he wanted to open Almost Music. 


What is so great about the store is the authenticity of it. Right when you walk in, you see all of these amazing records that you cannot help, but look at. Whether you are an avid music lover or you just want to look at some really awesome cover art, Almost Music is definitely a cool place to check out. 

After you’ve made a trip to Almost Music, it would be a crime not to go to Coneflower Creamery (which is right next door). It could be freezing outside and I would still be in the mood to get ice cream at Coneflower. I am not the only one that would attest to that because there is usually a line out the door every single night since the shop’s opening in. 

All ice cream is made from scratch in-store and the flavors change regularly with the exception of their signatures. Every time I go, which is at least once a week, I try a new flavor and I will admit, there has not been a time that I do not like what I get. When you have to choose between Toasted Pistachio, Archetype Coffee, Saffron & Roasted White Chocolate, Vegan Golden Milk, Cranberry & Toasted Irish Brown Bread, and Pumpkin Cheesecake with Espresso Caramel sauce to name a few options, it makes it tough to pick just one! One of the best parts about Coneflower is, they like to partner with local businesses to make some of their ice cream flavors; the Archetype Coffee ice cream is made out of the espresso from the Archetype Coffee Shop and there has also been an ice cream made out of the baklava from a local Greek restaurant, Feta’s. 

(Pro Tip: If you are open to new flavors and are feeling a little adventurous, ask the person who is working to pick for you and put together your dish! You get two scoops in a small dish so the options are endless and no matter what, it’ll be tasty!) 



Next time you are in the Blackstone area or are looking for something new and fun to do in Omaha, check out Almost Music and Coneflower! 

- Allie