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scarf szn

Jennie O'Dell

So by now you have probably seen the scarf/bandana trend, but has it left you a little confused? Is this scarf for your neck? For your hair? To wear as a top? Well, I'll let ya in on a little secret...... It's for ALL THE ABOVE! Introducing the most versatile piece of clothing you will ever own:


Style #1: Wear it as a top

Bandana tops are only the latest trend for this summer and we are allllll about it! Especially with this hot weather!?! Stylish and lightweight, this is the perfect option for some fun in the sun~

IMG_9924 copy.jpg

Style #2: Wear it as a neck scarf

Sick of your necklace selection? Here is a substitute to give any look some flair and color! If you are like me, summer means the sun, and the sun means sunburn...... What a perfect way to cover up a burnt chest than with a fun scarf!?! (Hey, its Mom here. STILL WEAR PLENTY OF SUNSCREEN!)~


Style #3: Wear it as a hair accessory

UGH, does anyone ever get sick of their hair!?! Curling and straightening get soooo boring and honestly takes the time that we don't have! Tie a cutie little scarf in, half up/half down or in a top knot, for the PERFECT summer look~ 

IMG_0006 copy.jpg

There you have it, ladies! These are only some of our fav ways to wear these scarves, but the possibilities are ENDLESS! Think its time you get your hands on one? Shop with us in-store to see our different prints and styles available. Still not sure you can do it on your own? Let us help! We will get ya on this bandwagon in no time!