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BE BOSS Indigo Eye Designs by Kelsey Young

Jennie O'Dell

I met Kelsey a little over a year ago when she first started working at beyourself. She walked up to me, said, “Hi, I’m Kelsey!”, and automatically gave me a huge bear hug. In that moment, I thought, “this girl is so sweet and genuine...I like her already”. In the year that Kelsey has been working at beyourself, I soon learned that there was more to her than warm hugs and a smile that will light up a room. She is a boss babe who is working two jobs, all while making her mark in Fashion Design AND building her career as an Esthetician.

Photograph By: Michael Pysh

Photograph By: Michael Pysh


It all started eight years ago when Kelsey would attend rave festivals where everyone would make their own costumes.

She began by making fluffies - furry leg warmers or boot cover ups - for herself, but soon decided to sell her creations at festivals and art shows. Kelsey got her following by selling upcycled clothes, hula hoops, and wire wrapped jewels with her original business, Spirit Custom Creations. After three years with this brand, Kelsey realized that she wanted to focus on sewing and creating her own line so that she could build a business.  

Thus Indigo Eye Designs was born.

“Indigo Eye Designs was based on being inspired by the rave scene….when you go to that kind of place, it is really open with loving arms and everyone is accepted for who they are regardless of what you’re wearing. What you are wearing is an art form and how you express yourself. I wanted to bring that feeling out into the everyday life; so encouraging people to wear what they want to wear, not just in show, but in regular life. That is what my motto is, that is what Indigo Eye Designs is: be who you are regardless of your age, gender, size…. Wear what you want to wear. Be who you want to be, regardless of the restrictions society has put on you. Do you regardless of it.”

Where the name, Indigo Eye Designs, came from…

“I’m really into energy. I’m a reiki practitioner, and I’m really into chakras: the seven main energy points of the body. Indigo Eye represents our third eye chakra because our third eye chakra is the color indigo and it’s the mind’s eye. So, Indigo Eye, I create everything in my mind’s eye before I actually create it.”

Omaha Fashion Week

After talking to her friend, Crystal, who is also a fashion designer and hugely involved in Omaha Fashion Week (OFW) and fashion weeks across the country, Kelsey got the idea of applying to showcase her line at the 2018 show. With a little hesitation and some words of encouragement from her friend, Kelsey applied and got accepted to be apart of Omaha Fashion Week 2018.

“I applied last year, and I got accepted and I did OFW 2018 and I just did me...and I just keep doing me and it keeps going and that’s what I want to tell everybody, just keep doing you.”

Taking inspiration from the rave scene, Kelsey has developed her own identity. “I use bold, black and white stripes, colors, and flashy sequins because it is eye catching”.

Some of her most memorable pieces:

The Indigo Angel made up of the Jellyfish Jacket and the Wicca Dress

First Photograph By: Heather and Jameson Second Photography By: Mike Machian

Photograph By: Heather and Jameson

Photograph By: Heather and Jameson

“Omaha Fashion Week has given me a new home where I can express myself and I can share my designs and they are still accepted, which is really cool.”

Photographs By: Heather and Jameson

“What’s really cool about OFW is, it’s kind of a mini scene itself. People go to OFW, and being involved in it, one of the best pieces of advice that I got was actually from the guy who started OFW…...I didn’t know he was the guy who started OFW until after talking with him. He told me, the best advice that he could give me was to make things that people want to come and buy to wear to the next show. So people bought my stuff and I went to OFW fall show in August, just to go and people were wearing my stuff and they loved it. You could see this chick who wore the Jellyfish Jacket across the room and everybody loved it and everybody wanted it. And so that was when I was like ‘I’m going to do this again, but do more with the sequins and stripes that everybody loved so much’…..I’m just giving the people what they want, but that's also what I love.” - Kelsey

“That's so cool that you are able to make things that you love, but other people love too. You are not just accommodating a certain market, you are just doing you and people are liking it, following it, and buying it.” - Allie

“And that’s just it. I’m being myself and I want to portray that. That is what my message is to people. If you want to do something with your life, then do it. You don't have to work your regular 9 to 5 job and be miserable. Go out and do what you want to do and make it work. And if you make it work, you can make a living off of it and be happy. FIND YOUR HAPPINESS AND DO IT.” - Kelsey

Kelsey for beyourself boutique

Not only is Kelsey keeping busy creating her new line for the upcoming Omaha Fashion Week, but she is also working with beyourself to recycle pieces that were too damaged to be donated by either restructuring those items, or using the material to make fun accessories!

**Kelsey started out upcycling and recreating clothes and now she is doing that for beyourself. Can you say FULL CIRCLE??**

Some of the awesome pieces she’s made so far….

Turning a Wrap Dress Into a Kimono

Making A Dress Into a Flowy Maxi Skirt


Recreating a Jumpsuit into a Crop Top


Recycling Fabric to Make Hair Ties and Scrunchies

What’s Next?
“My main goal is to eventually become a self owned esthetician, because I love doing esthetics and reiki. That’s my other 50 percent of my life. So...becoming an established esthetician. My other half is, keep pursuing my designer part of my life with Indigo Eye Designs and eventually getting in a store somewhere so people can go to a store to buy my things so they don't have to order online, or they could order at a store, or I could have a rack at a store….having somebody buy my designs and put it on their website...Maybe even later, later down the road, having my own boutique, but have it just be consignment so I can help other artists get their art out there. Whether it be designs, paintings, jewelry making...just having a small shop for consignment to help other artists get their art out there into the local community….I think having a spot where local artists can be recognized locally would be….that's like my ultimate dream.”

What does being yourself mean to you?

Being yourself means to me, showing who you truly, genuinely are regardless of what other people think and staying true to yourself regardless of the judgments society puts on us and holding your head high, being proud of who you really are regardless of your age, gender size….holding that confidence” and having people around to help you be who you are.

“I get off on helping and picking people up and making them feel good about themselves.” - Kelsey

“That is what I love so much about styling people and putting them in clothes that I think they would look amazing in….you (Kelsey) probably get it a lot working at beyourself and also designing clothes. You come up with these creations and outfits and people say “I would never think of wearing that.” - Allie

“Oh all the time! I’m too old to wear that, I’m too fat to wear that, I’m too….and it’s like, no no no, you are not - everybody, every BODY is different, age is just a number...People, especially women, think “After this age I can’t wear this. After I have children I can’t do this”, but no, if you want to do it, JUST DO IT!” - Kelsey

“F whatever society thinks.” - Allie

“It’s all about making a piece fit your style and being comfortable in it, in your own body.” - Kelsey

“If you want to wear a deep v bodysuit and you are sixty years old, fucking rock it.” - Allie

“Like me, if you want to wear bright neon velvet pants and a bunch of sparkly sequins out to brunch then do it!” - Kelsey

“Yeah, if people want to look, then let them.” -Allie

“We get people in all the time that say, “I wish I could wear that, I wish I could pull that off”, but the truth is, you can. It’s a mindset, you can do whatever you want.”  - Allie

Photograph By: Heather and Jameson

Photograph By: Heather and Jameson

Closing Remarks

“I’m just really appreciative of all of my supporters…..I mean I wouldn’t be able to do it without the support of others: people buying things from me, encouraging me to go out and do the things that I do, so I am just really appreciative of all of the wonderful people in my life.” - Kelsey

Where can you catch Indigo Eye Designs at next?

Kelsey will be showing her new line at the Omaha Fashion Week Spring 2019 show on March 2nd.

Use the promo code “INDIGO” for 15% off your sale!

always beyourself,