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Go Bold With Belts

Jennie O'Dell

IMG_6598 copy.jpg


Do you ever feel like your outfit is lacking something? Like you need one more final touch to make a statement and complete your look? What you’re in NEED of is a BELT! They transform an outfit and there are SO many ways to wear them! Belts have quickly become an essential item in my closet. I almost feel naked without one! They have created trends that everyone wants to copy! Rhinestone and chain belts? You need at least one! (Or maybe five) You can style up a graphic tee or a basic, simply by adding a cool belt! You can completely reinvent a dress or skirt by cinching a belt around the waistband! I selected SIX looks just to show you how!


We all have those tops in our closets that are incredibly cute but need a little bit more than funky jewelry or great shoes to bring the whole outfit together. When you have a top as cute as our Blue Skies Crop Top, throw on a western style or chain belt to livin’ up the look! Take a look at what this outfit looks like without a belt and then what it looks like with one! Totally different look and LOVING it! Belts can effortlessly transform your look for a certain occasion too! Need an outfit for a country concert? Add the western belt with this top and you’re good to go! Needing an outfit for a night out? Hook on our chain belt and head out the door!

IMG_6922 copy.jpg

Details: Blue Skies Crop Top $43.50, Coastal Destroyed Jean $68.50, Zane-Black/White Snakeskin Boot $43.50, both belts are $18.00.

LOOK 2 & 3:

It’s easy to get in to a routine of wearing the same belt with a pair of pants or a dress when you buy the garment that way. However, you can swap out the belt it came with for a belt already in your closet and give yourself a fresh new ensemble! Our Hot Tamale Pleated Trousers originally came with a matching red belt, but by adding this wide, black belt instead, it accentuates Shelby’s waist and creates a more dramatic, yet elegant look! Adding a different belt can also make it easier when it comes to adding accessories! Black leather earrings and black strappy heels were added to complete the look! I also showcased this swap out on our Malibu Striped Wrap Dress! Sometimes swapping out the belt makes a world of difference!

IMG_6687 copy.jpg

Details: You’re The One Crop Top available in ivory, black, heather grey, navy, burgundy, and light olive $34.00, Hot Tamale Pleated Trouser $48.50, Cashmere Black Suede Heel $39.50, Malibu Striped Wrap Dress $51.00.


When you have 15 graphic tees in your closet like I do, it can be hard to come up with creative new ways to style them. Pairing them with the same ole jeans and shoes can easily retire those graphics to the back of your closet! Don’t let yourself do that! Styling up a graphic tee with a chic blazer is step one! Step two, add that trendy jewelry you have been DYING to wear! And step three, grab your BELTS! By adding a snakeskin belt and mixing it with the stripes of the blazer, it really turns your whole look into a STATEMENT! With the graphic being a solid washed black, the snakeskin belt adds a little pizazz! Now, let’s take you out of your comfort zone a little by cinching the blazer with a belt! By switching out the belts, you not only have one statement look, but TWO statement looks using all the same pieces!

IMG_6554 copy.jpg
IMG_6586 copy.jpg
IMG_6598 copy.jpg

Details: Read Between The Lines Balzer $59.50, Metallica Black Faded Tee $69.00, Coastal Destroyed Jean $68.50, Zane- Black/White Snakeskin Boot $43.50, both belts are $18.00.


If you notice, our Louise Polka Dot Skirt doesn’t have belt loops to help you guide the belt for the most flattering look. That’s okay though because you DON’T need belt loops! It can be quite terrifying trying to find the ideal placement for your belt when putting it in the wrong spot on your torso can make or break your look! But don’t worry! By laying the belt over the waist band of the skirt, you can replicate the same look you would get if it had belt loops! Cinch the belt around your waist, which will trim you up and give you the most flattering fit and makes us short people look taller. YAY!

Details: Jameson Cropped Tee available in off white, black, and alpaca $28.50, Louise Polka Dot Skirt $45.00, Stack Chunky Lace Up Boot available in camel and black $49.50.


RHINESTONES! A girl’s best friend, right?! When you have a great outfit but lack the bold statement jewelry or the patterns, a rhinestone belt will take you over the top! With the cold temperatures we are facing here in Nebraska, it is always a question of how to wear bodysuits. They are perfect for summer, but almost seem impossible for winter! I paired this bodysuit with a mock neck turtleneck to warm up the look! Taking the look a step further, I paid it with a rhinestone belt to make this outfit one BOLD statement! A rhinestone belt doesn’t always have to be dressed up. An alternative for a statement belt like this could be pairing it with a graphic or plain tee with a pair of jeans and sneakers! If you want to dress up the belt even more though, take a little black dress and add the belt around your waist! There are several ways to style this incredible belt!

Details: You’re The One Crop Top available in ivory, black, heather grey, navy, burgundy, and light olive $34.00, Snap Out Of It Bodysuit available in black, mustard, and white $45.00, Just Your Basic Mom Jean in medium denim $70.00, Rhinestone Belt $45.00.

AND FINALLY: For those little black belts that are extremely versatile but you're tired of wearing the same way over and over again, here are TWO NEW ways to style them with your outfits! Instead of tucking the extra length of the belt back in the loops, wrap them in the front for unique ways to accent your more basic looks without taking all the attention away from the garments! Follow the steps below to see how!

IMG_6995 copy.jpg

Details: Another Day Basic T-Shirt available in alpaca and black $31.00, Not Your Average Mom Jean $70.00, Cashmere Black Suede Heel $39.50, Black Belt $18.00.

As you can see, belts are essential to have in your closet! These six looks barely scratch the surface of all the different ways there are to style belts but hopefully this is a good starting point for you! They can make any outfit unique and change your silhouette all depending on the look you are trying to achieve! If you are in need of assistance, feel free to reach out to us! We are all more than happy to help with ANY of your styling needs! Be adventurous, be BOLD, and try styling a belt with your next outfit! And always remember to beyourself!