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Culver Hotel

Jennie O'Dell

And we are BACK in the City of Angels! Where did we stay this time? None other than Culver City, one of LA's newest and upcoming areas.

a m b i a n c e

Like most of the city, The Culver Hotel was dressed to impress! This hotel was built in 1924 and while being renovated multiple times, it still holds that vintage, historic feel.

f o o d


Happy Hour

is the BEST hour!


If it is not clear yet, we are a bunch of FOODIES over at beyourself, and The Culver Hotel did not leave us hungry (With the exception of In-N-Out. That is always a must, no matter how full). The hotel has an amazing complimentary breakfast and a delicious happy hour/dinner menu! ****Cough cough, did someone say HAPPY HOUR!?!

w a r d r o b e

Flower Power Hillcrest Tee $44
Heat Wave Baggy Jumpsuit $68.50
Worth It Bodysuit $34
Around The House Jumpsuit $41 (second photo), Lost In Love Jumpsuit $51 (third photo)

What's better than when your outfit matches your surroundings? The hotel's aesthetic complimented our head to toe beyourself looks to a T! Shop all of our looks in-store or online now.



-Meredith & Jennie

Make Your Party Flourish with EverBloom

Jennie O'Dell


Celebrating a wedding, birthday, baby, or any other joyous occasion in your life calls for doing something special! One way to do so is with a flower crown! Not only are they gorgeous, but they make the person being celebrated stand out in the crowd.


With EverBloom Floral, you are able to customize your crowns and ordain them with whatever flowers, colors, or style you would like. The beauty of customization is, you can have your flower crown accent your outfit! There is no need to worry about finding the perfect accessories, when your statement piece is a flower crown. 

Even if you decide to forgo the flower crown, flowers are always a good way to show someone you love how much you appreciate them.  So, the next time you are trying to think of what to give someone for their birthday or what to do for decorations for a party, flowers from EverBloom are always a good option! 

Visit Everbloom's website

always beyourself,


scarf szn

Jennie O'Dell

So by now you have probably seen the scarf/bandana trend, but has it left you a little confused? Is this scarf for your neck? For your hair? To wear as a top? Well, I'll let ya in on a little secret...... It's for ALL THE ABOVE! Introducing the most versatile piece of clothing you will ever own:


Style #1: Wear it as a top

Bandana tops are only the latest trend for this summer and we are allllll about it! Especially with this hot weather!?! Stylish and lightweight, this is the perfect option for some fun in the sun~

IMG_9924 copy.jpg

Style #2: Wear it as a neck scarf

Sick of your necklace selection? Here is a substitute to give any look some flair and color! If you are like me, summer means the sun, and the sun means sunburn...... What a perfect way to cover up a burnt chest than with a fun scarf!?! (Hey, its Mom here. STILL WEAR PLENTY OF SUNSCREEN!)~


Style #3: Wear it as a hair accessory

UGH, does anyone ever get sick of their hair!?! Curling and straightening get soooo boring and honestly takes the time that we don't have! Tie a cutie little scarf in, half up/half down or in a top knot, for the PERFECT summer look~ 

IMG_0006 copy.jpg

There you have it, ladies! These are only some of our fav ways to wear these scarves, but the possibilities are ENDLESS! Think its time you get your hands on one? Shop with us in-store to see our different prints and styles available. Still not sure you can do it on your own? Let us help! We will get ya on this bandwagon in no time!




Festival Look Book

Jennie O'Dell

Festival season is in full swing and we realize the importance of having a killer outfit!

Whether you are traveling elsewhere for a fun festival or going to Nebraska's own, High Vibe Festival (scroll to the end for details), we have some amazing looks that will help you stand out in a crowd no matter your style!



Feminine lace and flowy dresses are staples if you want to go for a fun and effortless look. Add a flower crown and you have THE perfect outfit for any festival! 

Left: Easy Rider Denim Short & Sunday Love Crochet Top   Right: Wait For It Striped Dress

Left: Easy Rider Denim Short & Sunday Love Crochet Top   Right: Wait For It Striped Dress


We are currently obsessing over all of the dresses and jumpsuits at beyourself! The tiered Talk That Talk Pleated Dress makes a subtle statement and the Wild One Embroidered Jumpsuit is the perfect fit and incredibly comfortable! 

Left: Talk That Talk Pleated Dress    Right: Wild One Embroidered Jumpsuit

Left: Talk That Talk Pleated Dress    Right: Wild One Embroidered Jumpsuit


The seventies and nineties are back and are better than ever! We love the bold stripes, bell bottoms, and bandanna tops that are coming back in style and are perfect or any festival! 

Left: Good Life Bandana Top & Easy Rider Denim Short     Right: Ibiza Striped Crop Top & Shorts

Left: Good Life Bandana Top & Easy Rider Denim Short     Right: Ibiza Striped Crop Top & Shorts


TREND ALERT! Fanny packs are everything right now! Not only are they stylish, but super practical so you can be hands free while enjoying your time at a festival! 

Left: Muni White Ankle Booties    Right: Venice Beach Bodysuit & Take It Easy Denim Short 

Left: Muni White Ankle Booties    Right: Venice Beach Bodysuit & Take It Easy Denim Short 

Now I bet you're thinking, after seeing all of these awesome looks, "I need to go to a festival ASAP!" Well, the ladies at Lotus: House of Yoga have the perfect one for you right here in Omaha, Nebraska! 



"Nebraska's First Yoga, Music, Plant-Based Foods Festival"

Here is a little bit of what is in store for you at the High Vibe Festival:

  • 5K High Vibe Fun Run 
  • Community Yoga Class lead by Mary Claire Sweet & DJ Taz Rashid 
  • Workshops on Plant Based Foods
  • Music Headliner: Donna DeLory
  • Vendor Village (beyourself will be there!)
  • Beer Garden 
  • and so much more! 

Learn more and purchase your tickets at 

Stop in to either beyourself location or shop online to get any of these festival looks!

- Allie and Meredith 

**flower crowns provided by Everbloom 





Jennie O'Dell


Hotel Figueroa

downtown los angeles

Los Angeles, full of glitz and glam. Who wouldn't enjoy a couple days roaming this amazing city? Our most recent trip took us to downtown, where we stayed in the Hotel Figueroa. Newly renovated, the Spanish Colonial aesthetic made us almost forget we were in DTLA!




wallpaper  d r e a m

sorry I took so long in the bathroom, I was too busy obsessing over the walls 


F O O D 


but first.....


Calling all foodies: Even if you are not looking for a place to sleep, Hotel Figueroa has multiple bars and restaurants that will satisfy your appetite and your camera roll (I would say these dishes are Instagram-worthy). Anyone's mouth watering?!?



Setting Sun Mini Dress $54
Business Class Bodysuit $41.50, Move Along Striped Pant $39.50, Poppy Espadrille Sandal $38.50
Wanderlust Tube Top $21.50, Golden Girl Suspender Pants $51, Selfie Platform $39.50
Monaco Striped Maxi Dress $52.50, Lawson Chunky Suede Heel $42.50

With a hotel as stunning as this one, it's only fitting we dress to the nines! Yellows, blues, and oranges, summer is ALL about the color. Also if you haven't noticed, we got MAJOR inspo from the hotel decor! 

Is it impossible to fall in love with a building? Because we have major feels for Hotel Figueroa. Don't worry LA, we will be back! Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, which area should we explore next?


-Meredith & Jennie