About Us

beyourself was established in April 2005 in Omaha, Nebraska by two sisters: Jennie O’Dell and Kim Vasey.

Our mission is to make every woman feel beautiful in her own skin. In attempts to promote self-esteem, we’ve eliminated the traditional numbered sizing and follow a color-dot sizing system instead. We feel this allows you to focus more on how you fit and feel in something, while also creating size consistency. In October 2010, we were ready to grow a little bit more: we opened another beyourself location is Lincoln, Nebraska! Teaming up with the manager/co-owner Lindsey Melichar, our Lincoln location features most of the same merchandise as our Omaha store, with some special pieces just for Lincoln shoppers as well!

our mission

Our primary mission is to promote self-esteem. We feel that women of all sizes should be celebrated and love their bodies. We aren’t numbers or letters. We are women, all of us as unique as a snowflake. At our stores, you will only find color-dots on our tags. We found when you eliminate traditional sizes, you are free to focus more on how you feel in what you’re wearing. We have real women try on every single garment to analyze and ensure a proper fit. So, when you find what color dot you are, it will remain consistent within every piece in our store.